Friday, 24 October 2014

This festive season get a step closer to your dream home with SG Estates

It has been years of service. Years of working day and night, saving each and every penny, cutting out on dinner parties and many more luxuries that would lure any ordinary man on earth at least once. All the effort so that one day you could step into your dream home. And bask in the glory of all the hard work you ever did throughout your life. Well, there couldn’t have been a more auspicious time to move into your dream home than the festive month of Dussehra and Diwali. But have you really thought about what allcomforts your dream home would boast of? Let’s see if it covers every point in this checklist.
  • Multi-bedroom: Just try to remember your early days of struggle-right from your bachelor days to considering raising a family. The days when you had to share one room with 2 or 3 strangers. Then finally moving to a bigger home when you decided to settle. But with all rooms being occupied by either relatives or children. And even your bedroom being converted into a store room. Gone are those nightmarish days, as you can now purchase a house with as many bedrooms you want at affordable rates fromSG Estates.
  • Open, green surroundings: Your dream home is surely located amidst natural surroundings, ain’t it? Did I hear ‘never thought about that’? That’s sad. Can’t blame you-after all during your years of struggle, while being sandwiched between stoned walls, smoke and dust, you were badly deprived of nature. Worry not! SG Estate’s recently launched projects in Rajnagar Extension and Vasundhara promise you lot of greenery and natural oxygen which would even compensate for all the suffering you had to bear due to the lack of it.
  • Connectivity: Have to rush to the airport? Getting late for your exam at school? No need to call the cab service. The metro station is just a stone’s throw away-from all of SG Estate’s residential projects. Your home would act as a node in a huge network, well connected with all kinds of public transport to each and every part of Delhi, even the outskirts. So travel to any part of Delhi or NCR-NoidaGhaziabad or Gurgaon-without smoking your car’s engine; while opting for eco friendly transportation and reaching your destination in time. Read more about our compassion towards nature and alike in our CSR initiative.
  • Proximity to infrastructure: Hospital. Parks. Hotels. Club. Garden. Gym. You name it, and we have it around. And even if there are other things you cannot within the society, everything is available within walking distance. That’s how well we have planned out our locations.
  • Security and safety: All our residential complexes contain multiple security facilities, such as well-gated boundaries, 24-hour manual and automated security at the gate and within the society. Plus, safety systems to protect you from accidents and unprecedented disasters.
Well that is just a small impression of the amazingly vast number of facilities we provide each of our residents with. Plus, we have tempting offers for your dream home this festive season. And what’s more? Our festival offers don’t end right after Diwali.
They will carry on for close to a month after Diwali as well, something you’d rarely experience with all builders. And festival or no festival, our hospitality and customer services are available for you 24X7, 365 days of the year. Get in touch with any of our representatives any time you feel like picking up the phone or visiting our office. And make sure you have a look at the Reviews and Complaints sections, so that you enjoy the highest levels of transparency from us as well as other society members.
As Karthik Rajamani, one of our customer-turned-residents says,
So far it has been a pleasant stay here. We want to thank you and the entire SG Estates Team for helping us take possession of apartment in time; guiding us throughout on all the processes and helping us move in without much trouble.
It has indeed been a pleasure knowing and working with everyone on the SG Estates team.
We wish to hear a similar or perhaps a more heart-melting response from you next time. Because all we are here to earn are your esteemed wishes.
Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali, and a prosperous year ahead!

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