Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why don't we make sample flats?

A house is a dream for every woman and a man.
Their aspirations, their dreams are all linked with that one house of their’s. Whether It is a mansion, a self-independent house or a budgeted flat in a multi housing society...... everyone has their own vision, dreams and emotions attached to it.
When we as a customer go out to look for the housing options, first thing we ask is if the builder has the Sample Flat Ready as we want to see what kind of house we will get. Sample house are specially designed by developers as a show case flat to perspective customers and attention is paid to the interior decoration work  like color of curtains, furniture placement, kitchen accessories, flat Tvs etc. On seeing them we are forced to believe that this is your ultimate address. One is so spell bounded by the beauty of the sample flat that one gets assured that he is going to reside in the ultimate luxury. We love it and hence start living with that picture/impression in mind that we saw in the sample flat.
However in many cases builders clearly mention in the flat as to what all is not included as part of the flat to be delivered. But that in many cases is ignored as we are so much occupied with the picture of future House in mind.

When the actual flat is offered for possession then the problem starts because the accessories shown is the flat are not part of the standard flat and also the flat is without interiors.
At this stage, it brews a feeling in the client that dream house is not delivered to him. Heart is broken and vision shattered.  It is human nature to expect the same that was visually shown to us and when we do not get that in front of our eyes after such a long wait, we turn negative resulting in  the blame game and trust deficit. Here the customer is right to the extent that he has booked a dream home on seeing something and Builder is right to the extent that the specifications were duly mentioned in agreement and accessories shows are not part of the actual flat.

To avoid this confusion, we at SG Estates Ltd. believe in making the Actual Flat when the major civil work has completed that we will deliver to our client. This avoids the future confusion between us and client. Many perspective buyers ask for sample flat, we try to explain them the reason for not making sample flat. It is true that we lose some sales due to non-availability of sample flat but this is acceptable but it accepted policy of the as regards to customer satisfaction, trust and delight which is of paramount importance to us.

We just have got the actual flat ready in SG Homes, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad for our project SG Homes, which many existing clients are seeing and sharing their feedback/suggestions.  The same approach was used for SG Impressions 58, SG Impressions Plus, SG Ivory Tower.

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